Our Story

ACM Contracting Pte Ltd was established in 2010 and as a company strives to provide efficient solutions regarding buildings’ essential life services. Prioritising customer service whilst operating in a professional manner has allowed ACM to become one of the most reliable independent service providers in the fire protection industry in Singapore

ACM offers the next generation in fire protection. We provide innovative solutions and cutting edge technology backed by technical excellence and a company-wide commitment to personal customer service.

ACM is currently delivering on some of the largest construction programs and national inspection and maintenance contracts in Singapore. Our company is about providing superior customer service, taking pride in our work and delivering our innovative services in a safe and transparent manner.

Over the short span of 7 years, ACM has grown from a team of 2 to a fully operational team of more than 30 personnel and have also received multiple recognition and accolades locally

(2015) Awards Promising 500
(2015) Industry Star in Water Mist
(2015) BizSAFE Level Star
(2015) OHSAS 18001
(2012) BCA Registered ME06 (Achieved L4 in 2017)

Because everyone matters
Safety against Fire is a very important thing at work places as well as at homes. Every year large numbers of people die due to Fire. Fire safety can easily be ensured by having Fire Fighting Equipment and proper Fire Protection. The statics are a proof of how much important Fire Protection is. The Importance of Firefighting Equipment is an indispensable one to ensure maximum Protection against Fire. The Fire Fighting Equipment also ensures safety of the Fire Fighters who risk their lives to save others. We take pride in upholding fundament human virtues in all our business practice because at ACM, everyone matters!

Humility – We choose to disregard contract value in all projects as we believe our service standards should not be priced just by the value of the project. Therefore, we choose to uphold similar client experience throughout!

Trust – One of the key juncture that sets us apart from other service providers is that all our recurring clients know they could trust us in any event and regardless of such, we always deliver!